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Loyd Fery Displays Prominent Protest Saying His Second Amendment Rights Were Violated

An Oregon man who certainly did not have your typical traffic stop is protesting how he was treated by driving around with a large sign that his Second Amendment rights were violated.  

Loyd Fery of Stayton, Ore., was driving his pickup truck down Highway 22 in May when he noticed a sheriff’s patrol car on the side of the road under a bridge. Fery then decided to flip off the officer inside the car as he drove past, according to

The deputy in the patrol car, Marion County Sheriff’s Deputy Ryan Postlewait, a member of the department’s traffic safety team, pursued Fery and pulled him over.

Fery was cited for speeding – which he denies – by Postlewait and claims he was harassed and bullied for carrying a concealed weapon in the driver’s side door of his truck.

“I drove by the cop going 44 miles per hour,” Fery said, according to Statesman Journal. “I made an obscene gesture with my hand at the car, and then was pulled over a minute later.”

According to Fery, once he pulled to the side of the road, the deputy approached the passenger side door and informed Fery that he had been speeding.

Fery then explained to Postlewait that he was in possession of a concealed weapon, as well as a concealed weapons license. Postlewait then reportedly drew his gun and instructed Fery and his wife to raise their hands above their heads, and asked Fery to step out of the car to be searched.

According to the police report, Postlewait pulled his weapon after feeling threatened by Fery, who when asked where the gun was within his car, dropped the gun to the left side of his body where Postlewait could not see it.

Fery filed a formal complaint with the Marion County Sheriff’s Office, which conducted its own investigation into the case. Postlewait was found to be justified in his actions during the traffic stop and was not in violation of the law, according to Marion County Undersheriff Troy Clausen.

“The deputy wasn’t wrong in every aspect of this situation, but things could have been taken care of in a different manner,” Clausen said. “In the future, we’ll find a better way to handle things like this.” reports that Fery paid his $300 speeding ticket, but seeks to warn others about his experiences with Postlewait.  To do so, he drives around with a sign on the back of his pickup that reads: “2nd Amendment rights Marion County Sheriffs Traffic Team criminalizes concealed weapons permit rights!”

A number of other descriptive words are stated on the sign such as “liars,” “bullies” and “corrupt.” An American flag also is mounted next to the sign, reported the Statesman Journal.

“I’m going to keep it up for a while,” Fery said. “A lot of people have told me that they like it, that it needs to be seen.”

Sources:, Statesman Journal


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