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Loving Dog Protects Owner From Coyotes

Here is yet another example proving that dogs are the most loyal companions a human could ask for.

81-year-old retired veterinarian Robert Blake loved nothing more than exploring the outdoors. When he went on his fishing and skiing trips, he always brought his four-year-old golden retriever named Buddy with him.

Blake was skiing up in the mountains of Colorado this past weekend when his wife, Marlene Blake, grew worried about him. He failed to check in with her the night before, so she reported him missing to authorities.

When a search team found Blake, Marlene's worries were confirmed. The elderly man passed away the night before. But even in Blake’s death, we get a reminder that dogs are truly extraordinary creatures.

Rescue crews say Buddy was guarding Blake’s body when they arrived. They had to coax Buddy for a while before he would even let them near his passed companion. Authorities believe Buddy was probably protecting Blake’s body from the large number of coyotes in the region.

“There are a large number of coyotes in the area and Buddy refused to leave Mr. Blake’s body until we spent some time coaxing him to trust us,” San Miguel County Sheriff Bill Masters said.

Marlene said she was comforted by knowing that Buddy wouldn’t leave her husband’s side.

“I knew Buddy was with him, and would not leave him, I knew that, you know just from my heart,” she said. “He’s the hero in this.”

Marlene added that even though her husband’s death is sad, he wouldn’t have wanted to go out any other way.

“I used to say you know I worry about you, you might be in some snow-bank up there and I’ll never find you and he said, ‘don’t worry that’s where I want to be,’” Marlene told KRQE. “So he got his wish.”

It is believed Blake died from natural causes. Now, the dog who stood by his owner’s side until the very end will take on a new role: comforting Blake's widow. Something tells me he’ll do a great job.

 “I couldn’t make it without him, I could not,” Marlene said. 

Sources: KRQE, Mail Online


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