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Loving Dog Shot in Face, Left in Garbage Bag, Saved by Animal Rescuer Tami Augustyn

A gentle, loving mixed-breed dog, who does not appear he could have been a menace to anyone, became the victim of a horrific, violent crime last weekend in Conroe, Texas.  Buck, as he has been named, was shot in the face by a shotgun and left to die in a garbage bag tied to a steel fence post on a roadside, reports.

Animal rescuer Tami Augustyn received a call to go the location where the injured dog had been left the night before. Tami found that Buck had been shot in the face and shoulder and was slowly bleeding to death.

A neighbor discovered him because there was still blood seeping from the black vinyl garbage bag. Augustyn said that when the neighbor opened the bag, the dog staggered out and walked a few steps before collapsing, according to the Daily Mail.

The three-year-old dog was also suffering from hypothermia after spending the night suffering in the cold Texas winter.

Tami rushed Buck to the Animal Emergency Clinic of Conroe in West Dallas, where vets determined that the damage to his face and head had been done by buckshot but he was expected to live. Buck suffered serious damage to his eyes, which will probably leave him permanently blind. He also lost his hearing and has suffered brain damage which may permanently affect his mental capacity, according to the Daily Mail.

But he certainly hadn't lost his courage or his desire to be hugged. Tami quickly set up a Facebook page, 'Buck Needs Bucks for his Buckshot Injuries.' She has reportedly received thousands of dollars in donations from all over the world to help pay for Buck’s veterinary expenses and ongoing care.

This is also a way for other humans to show Buck that most people really do care deeply about what happens to him and to other innocent animals who become the victims of cruelty. 

Anyone with information about Buck--who may have owned him or who may have committed this disturbing crime--should immediately contact local authorities and provide it, even if just by leaving an anonymous tip.

Buck is recovering under the outstanding care he is receiving at Animal Emergency Clinic of Conroe and because of the comfort and safety he feels in the loving arms of Tami Augustyn.    

Inspiring photos of his recovery and obvious appreciation of human affection are posted on his Facebook page.



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