Lovely Ladies Strip for Bears


Just in time for William and Kate's (the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge) first official visit to Canada, two PETA volunteers wearing little more than faux-bearskin hats and smiles joined the Changing of the Guards ceremony in Ottawa to ask for a change of their own.

PETA and PETA U.K. are asking the Ministry of Defence to replace its barbaric bearskin caps with cruelty-free faux fur.

The fur for The Queen's Guards' caps come from Canadian black bears, many of whom die in agony as they are shot multiple times. Some are even mothers whose babies are left to starve or fall victim to predators. It can take an entire bear's hide to make just one of these caps. If that's the kind of cruelty you just can't bear, urge the Ministry of Defence to stop being a royal pain and switch to faux fur.

Written by Jared Misner


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