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Thrift Shop Customer Stumbles Upon 90-Year-Old Veteran's Love Letter From 1944 (Video)

A 90-year-old World War II veteran who served in Europe got the ultimate sweet flashback when a love letter he wrote to his wife in 1944 was discovered in a record sleeve at a thrift store in Aurora, Colorado.

Bill Moore, 90, was 20 years old when he wrote the letter to a woman he loved named Bernadean, whom he didn't know at the time would become his wife of 63 years, reports ABC News. A stranger purchased a record at a thrift shop and found the letter in its sleeve, then went searching for Moore so he could give the note back to him.

The thrift store customer contacted Moore's daughter shortly before Valentine's Day. When she gave her father the letter, he became emotional and his reaction was caught on video, which can be viewed below.

Moore, who now lives in an assisted care facility in Aurora, said it was the first time he had read the letter in 70 years.

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"I was really surprised because I would have no way of knowing that it would show up in the way it did," Moore said.

During the war, he was fighting in Patton's Third Army and says he loved his wife-to-be, whom he called "my darling, lovable, alluring, Bernadean" in the letter, but never suspected they would go on to raise three children together. The couple was happily married until Bernadean died five years ago.

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"I loved her. She loved me. That's all I can tell you, is that it's a heartache not being with her all the time," Moore told KFOR.

Sources: ABC News, KFOR

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