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Louisiana Woman Arrested After Baby's Corpse Found In Storage Unit

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A Louisiana man got the surprise of a lifetime when he discovered the storage unit he recently won in an auction also contained the remains of a baby who died 14 years ago.

Rebecca Ann Landry, 57, has since been arrested and charged with second-degree murder in connection to the death of a baby in 2001.

Officials believe she is the mother of the child and are waiting for DNA test results to see if this is true.

Landry confessed to authorities she gave birth to the child in her apartment in 2001. According to her, the child survived for several days but then stopped breathing. She allegedly kept the child in her apartment for “a period of time” before moving the body to a storage unit in 2002.

Landry is the mother of other children and claims that no one else was aware she gave birth and she was the only one who moved the body.

Officials believe she is the mother of the child.

“All indications are she is the mother,” said Cpl. Nicole Benoit of the Lafayette Police Department.

According to Inquisitr, her storage unit was auctioned off because she failed to make regular payments on it.

Source: Inquisitr, The Advocate, The Advertiser

Photo Credit: Lafayette Parish Correctional Center via The Advertiser


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