Louisiana Tech Faculty, Students Protest School for Honoring Phil Robertson


Louisiana Tech students and faculty protested their school for honoring "Duck Dynasty" TV star Phil Robertson at a commencement ceremony held on Saturday.

Robertson made headlines in 2013 when he compared homosexuality to beastiality and claimed that black people were "happy" living under racist Jim Crow laws in an interview with GQ Magazine.

Students, who are members of the pro-gay group Prism, and faculty organized a social media protest on Facebook and Twitter with the hashtag #NoHonorInBigotry to send a statement to Louisiana Tech, noted KNOE.

“We wanted to make a statement displaying our disapproval of the honoring, and for several reasons, including the minimal time we were given to react, a social media campaign was the best way to do this," stated Hannah Ellsworth, President of Prism. "Faculty, staff, and students didn’t have any time to give input since no one new until the day before.”

Louisiana Tech University released a statement in which it shifted the responsibility to the Louisiana Tech Alumni Association:

It's important to note that the annual Tower Medallion recipient is selected by the Louisiana Tech Alumni Association and it's member representatives, and not the university. It recognizes those alumni who have achieved in their professions while remaining loyal to their university. The name of the recipient is not released prior to the announcement at spring commencement, which is also the case with the faculty award winners who are announced for the first time, following the Tower Medallion winner.

While Robertson was a no-show at the commencement ceremony, he will appear at the Republican Leadership Conference on Thursday in New Orleans, La.

According to The Washington Post, other speakers at the conference include: Republican National Committee Chairman Reince Priebus, Louisiana Gov. Bobby Jindal (R) and U.S. Sen. Ron Johnson (R-Wis.).

Sources: KNOE and The Washington Post


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