Gun Carriers To Get Discounts At Louisiana Restaurant (Video)


While many businesses have recently started enacting strict gun policies, one Louisiana restaurant is actually offering a discount for customers who bring their guns in with them to dine.

Bergeron’s Restaurant in Port Allen, Louisiana, says that they will give any customer who comes in carrying a gun a 10 percent discount off of their order. The new discount is in direct response to a growing number of restaurant chains who have recently banned guns.

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“There are people here with guns, this is not a gun-free zone," said Bergeron’s owner Kevin Cox to The Huffington Post. "So if you want to cause trouble, you can think about who you're sitting next to."

Cox says that he hopes patrons will feel safer by knowing that the person sitting next to them is carrying a gun should something bad happen.

“It makes us all feel better when state patrol, police and sheriff's department come in and have lunch here because you know when they're here we're safe," said Cox. "And I realized that we have a lot of good people that carry a firearm in Louisiana -- my cousins and relatives included -- and I'm equally as safe when they're here, and I need to encourage that.”

Cox adds that he thinks businesses who ban guns are ultimately making a mistake in the long run.

“I keep hearing so much about people banning guns,” said Cox to NBC 33. “Target's banning guns, and these people are banning guns. Don't they realize that that's where people with guns are going to go? I want to take the opposite approach. How can I make my place safer?”

Since starting the new discount, Cox says he’s giving out about 15 to 20 of them per day on average.

Sources: WFMY News, NBC 33 News, The Huffington Post


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