Louisiana Police May Have To Pay $495,000 Settlement For Wrongful Death Lawsuit


Members of the Louisiana Metro Council may have to pay a $495,000 settlement after an officer shot and killed a drunk man after ordering him to drive his car in 2011.

Baton Rouge police officer Christopher Magee shot 21-year-old Carlos Harris in a club parking lot. Officials had come to the parking lot after reports that Harris had been driving around it dangerously. He had drank at the bar with Ryan Dominique, his friend, earlier that night, according to WBRZ.com.

At the scene, Harris ended up driving Dominque’s car. It is unclear whether Magee asked him to move the car or whether Harris insisted, though he was drunk with a blood alcohol level of about 0.09 percent.

While Harris was driving the car, Magee shot him, letting off three shots. Harris had reportedly smashed into various vehicles in the parking lot, including police cruisers. One of the bullets hit a nearby woman on the wrist. Magee said he let out the shot because he felt that the people in the parking lot were in danger.

After the incident, Harris’s family sued police for negligence, saying that he should not have been put behind a wheel while officers knew he was intoxicated.

Magee remains part of the police force, after the district attorney’s office did not find him guilty of wrongdoing.

Source: WBRZ.com, Photo Credit: WBRZ.com


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