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Veterinarian Offers Reward For Information About Suspect Who Taped Dog's Mouth Shut (Video)

A Louisiana veterinarian has raised $700 and is offering the money as a reward for information leading to the arrest of the person responsible for taping a young dog’s muzzle shut.

In a videotaped interview with WDSU News (shown below), veterinarian Ashley Geoghegan said the dog she is calling Otis was brought to her clinic in St. John the Baptist Parish after being found last week. 

“He had his mouth tied shut, and his throat tied shut, tightly, with electric tape and with cloth,” Geoghegan said. 

She told WDSU that the abuse could have something to with dog fighting.

“There’s only two reasons to do this to an animal,” Geoghegan said. “An extreme act of discipline, you know, someone was teaching that dog a lesson, which is inhumane. Or that they were being weakened for a bait-dog scenario.”

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She provided Otis with free medical treatment, which also included a cast on his front left leg because he had two broken toes. 

The abuse, Geoghegan said, bears a striking resemblance to the abuse suffered by Caitlyn, a South Carolina dog who made national headlines last month after turning up in a neighborhood near Charleston with her muzzle taped shut. Veterinarians said Caitlyn likely had her mouth taped closed for two days, cutting off circulation to her tongue. 

Caitlyn is recovering well and police in North Charleston have arrested a suspect in the case who has been charged with cruelty to animals, ABC News reported last week.

Geoghegan said Otis also likely suffered for two days. He has some scabbing and lacerations around his muzzle, but faces a positive prognosis.

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“He’s young enough and we caught it early enough, that he may have some physical scars, but I don’t think, emotionally, he will be remembering this, I hope,” Geoghegan said. 

The St. John the Baptist Sheriff's Office is investigating the case. 

Sources: WDSU News, YouTube, ABC News

Photo Credit: WDSU News


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