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Holly Wagner Shares Story After 11-Month-Old Son's Car Seat Was Improperly Secured (Photo/Video)

A Louisiana mother, who lost her 11-month old son in a car accident because he was not properly buckled in his car seat, is speaking out so other parents don’t have to go through such a horrific tragedy.

"If your child is not secure in his seat, it could be fatal,” Holly Wagner told WRTV Indianapolis. “I make sure to educate as many people as I possibly can so they don't have to deal with what I've had to deal with.”

In April 2013, Wagner’s now ex-boyfriend was driving with her two sons, 3-year-old Connor and 11-month-old Cameron, when he reportedly ran a stop sign and crashed the car.

Cameron was ejected from his car seat and went through the windshield. The infant was taken to a hospital, where he spent 16 days in intensive care, but eventually died May 13, 2013.

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) recommends that children under age 2 ride with their car seats rear-facing, the Independent Journal Review reports.

But weeks before the crash, Wagner posted a photo on Facebook of Cameron facing forward, slouched down with twisted straps.

“No one said anything,” she said. “I wish someone had corrected me and told me he wasn’t restrained properly.”

Wagner is now using social media to share her story and help other parents avoid the mistake she made.

She writes on her blog:

I was that mom… the one placing her child, the most important thing to her, in the car seat wrong. 

I was that mom that would share pictures like the one above on social media sites and never was corrected. 

I was that mom that would allow friends and family to take my children places and assumed they were safe in the car. 

I was that mom that would put hundreds of miles on the car without a care in the world assuming everything was perfect until…………

it was too late.

Now, I'm that mom who doesn't sleep at night.

I'm that mom who spends most of her shopping trips avoiding the baby boy clothes.

I am the mom that has learned from her mistakes.

I am that woman that will tell you you're doing in wrong. And you know why?

Because I wish every single day of my life now that someone would have told me I was doing it wrong before it was too late.

Watch Cameron’s story in the clip below:

Wagner is spreading awareness on her blog and Facebook page dedicated to Cameron, reminding other parents to use car seats safely.

Sources: WRTV IndianapolisIndependent Journal Review / Photo Credit: mommyofanangel51313's Blog


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