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Louisiana Man, Shot in Buttocks, Was Clenching Baggie of Coke Between Them

Paramedics assisting a Louisiana man who had been shot in the buttocks discovered that he was hiding something.

The Times-Picayune reports that deputies were dispatched to a home in Marrero when someone reported a shooting. At the residence, Akili Bailey, 20, was sitting in a chair with gunshot wounds to his buttock, leg, and foot, according to police reports. Treon Florant, 21, was lying on the grass with bullet wounds to his neck, leg and knee.

Both men were taken to the hospital and stabilized. It was there that a doctor found an unexpected surprise when treating Bailey’s buttock wound — a small bag containing 2.5 grams of cocaine, which he had been holding between his clenched cheeks.

According to the arrest report, paramedics at the scene said that Bailey refused to get up and was "clenching his buttocks together," which they assumed to be a result of his injury.

Bailey was booked for cocaine possession and Florant on warrants issued in January for firearm charges relating to drug activity or violence.

Both victims refused to answer questions about the shooting. An investigation is ongoing.

Source: The Times-Picayune


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