High School Cancels Gun Raffle After Parents Complain


A high school in Louisiana planned to raffle 52 guns until senior Lafayette Parish School Board officials called off the fundraiser this week.

Ovey Comeaux High School in Lafayette planned to raffle 52 hunting rifles to raise funds for the school band. The raffle was approved by the school’s principal, an avid hunter, and about $2,500 in tickets were sold.

Parish superintendent Pat Cooper said the schools should come up with a “more appropriate way to raise money.”

But some school board members said it was a good idea that had success in other school districts.

“It was just a bad judgement call,” school board member Mark Cockerham told the Daily News. “We got a lot of knee-jerk reactions from parents.”

“How is this a bad idea...most people around here hunt. It's not like they were gonna raffle off AK47's!” commented resident Jared Breaux on Facebook.

One family said they spent more than $350 towards the gun raffle because they believe in supporting the high school.

The gun would have been distributed through a third-party and winners would have undergone a background check.

“It’s not like they would have just given somebody a gun,” Cockerham said.

Parents and school staff will work together to return the money to those who already purchased raffle tickets.

Sources: The Independent, New York Daily News

Image credit: Flickr Creative Commons / Michael Glasgow, Flickr / Josh Walters


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