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Louisiana Health Inspectors Destroy 1,600 Pounds of Deer Meat Donated to Homeless Shelter

Rev. Henry Martin is the executive director of Shreveport-Bossier Rescue Mission, a homeless shelter in North West Louisiana. For decades, the charity has been receiving donations of deer meat from a local group known as Hunters for the Hungry.

However, according to the Daily Caller, in January, after conducting an inspection of the facility, state health inspectors discovered the deer meat. Though it had been processed according to regulation at a local slaughterhouse, the inspectors dumped 1,600 pounds of meat into a dumpster and doused it with bleach.

This incident has been the cause of much consternation in the community.

“There was no need for this to happen,” said Rev. Martin. “We’ve got hungry people who need meals. That very day, we have about 230 people on average in our system, and you multiply that by three meals a day, times 365 days a year, you’re going to get well over 200,000 meals.”

However, according the Louisiana Department of Health, regulations prohibit restaurants from serving hunted deer meat. Deer in general is “not an approved meat source to be distributed commercially,” according to the department’s Facebook page.

But for charities like the Shreveport-Bossier Rescue Mission, deer meat makes all the difference.

“We want to prevent this,” Martin said. “The venison is healthy, it is low in cholesterol, high in protein, low in fat. And it was processed, it is good meat and people are hungry, so I was really saddened that day.”

Venison is served as an expensive dish in many upscale eating establishments abroad where it is legal to serve undomesticated animals.

Sources: Daily Caller


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