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'I Just Want It To Stop': Grandmother Claims 5-Year-Old Granddaughter Was Sexually Assaulted On School Bus (Video)

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A Louisiana grandmother took to social media on Thursday to warn parents about some sexually explicit incidents that allegedly occurred on a Jefferson Parish school bus.

Identifying herself as Wendy Mays on Facebook, she posted a video (shown below) on the social media site claiming that her 5-year-old granddaughter, a student was sexually assaulted by a seventh grade boy on the school bus.

“I’m hurt,” she told WGNO. “Because you put your child on that school bus and that school bus driver is supposed to be responsible for that child.”

“My daughter gets a knock at the door,” she continued, “it’s a young lady with a son and she tells my daughter, ‘I need to tell you something. My son told me he was fooled with on the bus.'”

According to Mays, the boy told her that her granddaughter was another victim of assault.

“He was dragging them by the hair down the middle aisle of the bus,” she said, according to WGNO. “I just want it to stop.”

After posting her warning on Facebook, her video quickly went viral.

She said, “I went on Facebook and put it out and I don’t care if nobody likes me or not because there are other kids on that bus!”

It has since garnered over 300,000 views and over 10,000 shares.

According to her, up to 10 children may have been assaulted.

“I think he picked on the weak ones,” she said. “But my thought is: there were other seventh graders there, why couldn’t somebody stop him?”

The girl’s mother allegedly pulled the granddaughter out of school on Thursday. She later returned to talk to investigators, school authorities, and the bus driver, ABC News reports.

“My daughter said the principal told the bus driver, ‘I take care of a thousand kids a day — you can’t watch 40 children on your bus?’ and that’s when she left,” Mays said.

Officials at Jefferson Parish Public School issued a statement regarding the issue saying, “We were made aware today of a reported incident that occurred on a First Student bus involving Estelle students.

“We took quick and decisive action including reporting the reported incident to the Jefferson Parish Sheriff’s Office." the statement continued. " ... The bus driver in this reported incident has been removed from the route and will no longer drive for Jefferson Parish Public School System. ... As a result of this reported incident, a team of counselors will be at the school tomorrow to meet with students if needed."

The sheriff’s office is investigating the matter.

Source: ABC, Wendy Mays on Facebook 

Photo Credit: Wikimedia Commons


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