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Louisiana Gov. Bobby Jindal Declares State of Emergency Due To Light Snow, Frost

Louisiana Gov. Bobby Jindal (R) declared a second state of emergency this week after light snow and frost blanketed the state on Friday.

Jindal called a state of emergency on Wednesday to allow for uninterrupted deliveries of propane and heating fuels to the state ahead of a freeze. This includes suspending rules and regulations on how many hours truck operators can drive.

The high in Shreveport, in the Northern Louisiana parish of Caddo, on Wednesday was 58 degrees Fahrenheit. The low in Shreveport Thursday was 30 degrees.

The Northeast and the Great Lakes regions are seeing wind chill temperatures below zero as well as snow and ice remaining from Winter Storm Janus.

The Friday emergency was declared Louisiana Gov. Bobby Jindal declares 2nd state of emergency, after a light snow, frost and ice blanketed the state "as a result of the extreme cold weather conditions that threaten the lives and property of the citizens of the State," according to the Times-Picayune.

Light snow fell in Baton Rouge, Monroe, and a few other cities Thursday night. Many roads and bridges were closed Friday due to frost. Many schools were also closed Friday morning. 

The freeze warning for most of southeast Lousiana was already lifted on Friday morning. The high is Baton Rouge today is 46 degrees.

Sources:, Daily Journal


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