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Louisiana Father Found 'Not Guilty' of Decapitating Disabled Son Due to Insanity

A deeply disturbed Louisiana man was found not guilty of decapitating his 7-year-old son by reason of insanity.

In August 2011, Jeremiah Wright, 30 years old at the time, killed his son by cutting off his head, which he then left on the driveway of the family’s Thibodaux, La. home. The rest of the boy’s body parts he put in trash bags.

His son, Jori Loritte, suffered from cerebral palsy and was severely disabled.

Wright was taken into custody on first-degree murder charges. While he could have faced death, District Judge John LeBlanc found Friday that the suspect was mentally unwell.

Wright allegedly thought his son was a CPR dummy, in addition to hearing voices and believing he was part of a government conspiracy.

"Wright was very matter-of-fact as he calmly explained that he thought for years that Jori was not his son," says a police report. "Wright said that he recently saw the way the dummy looked at him and there were signs and little things the dummy did to him that let him know that Jori was not his son, but a dummy."

He confessed to killing his son, telling the police that he put the head in plain view so the boy’s mother, Jesslyn Loritte, would “feel stupid” when she saw it, according to True Crime Report.

Wright has previous drug, burglary, and contempt charges.

The case was shocking even for seasoned police officers.

"As a father of a child with special needs, personally I was taking a step back but immediately, those 20-plus years of law enforcement said, these guys, we've got to do a professional job and we're going to do a professional job," Police Chief Scott Silveri told WVUE.

The murder was the first in Thibodaux since 2008.

Sources: CBS, True Crime Report. WVUE


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