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Louisiana Couple Denied Last Name Change On Drivers License


Controversy over the Supreme Court ruling on same-sex marriage continued in Shreveport, Louisiana, this week when a couple was denied a last name change on their drivers licenses.

Shreveport residents Troy and David Hylan legally married in New York and were finally able to have their union recognized nationally following the historic Supreme Court ruling on June 26. When Troy went to the DMV to officially become a Hylan in the state of Louisiana, he hit a road block.

“When I got called to the counter, she looked at my marriage certificate and said they are not equipped at this time to make these changes,” he said. 

The DMV later said the error was strictly a technical issue, though Hylan’s husband, David, said the issue and other road blocks in his state since the ruling have been difficult to deal with.

“When the Supreme Court decision came down the Gov. Bobby Jindal said we are going to wait 25 days because someone might appeal their decision,” he said. “Then he came back and said we are going to wait until the 5th Circuit hands down their ruling. They did that yesterday.”

Jindal has spoken out against the ruling in the days since, though he confirmed — despite consistent blocks for couples statewide — that his administration would not stand in the way.

“Of course we're going to comply with the court order. We don't have a choice,” he said in a recent interview on NBC’s Meet The Press.

Sources: KTBS, Gambit

Photo Credit: The Hylans via KTBS


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