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Louisiana Cops Taser Unarmed, Non-Combative Inmates in Jail (Video)

An anonymous source recently sent some disturbing videos to a Lafayette, Louisiana, TV news station.

The videos (below) show police officers in Mamou, Louisiana, tasing unarmed inmates in jail cells from July to October of 2010.

The videos were sent to KLFY on five CDs with the following note: "You will find Police Chief candidate Robert McGee continually tasing multiple inmates in cells at the Mamou Police Department. There is also footage of deceased officer, Joe Deshotel, tasing an inmate in a cell. These files came from the video surveillance at the MPD."

The videos repeatedly show two cops opening a jail cell and firing a Taser at a non-combative inmate.

"I think the video was edited," McGee told KLFY. "Where is the beginning of the video? Why show just that tasing?"

McGee, who is running for Chief of Police in Mamou, added: "The timing is right. The election is this Saturday. Why bring up the video now? You [someone] had opportunity to bring up the video during the first election, but now it's in a run-off, now it comes out. It looks like someone is aiming to hurt me."

McGee claimed that he "never" intentionally hurt an inmate, and said the "primary holding cell" is where combative inmates are held; however, he didn't explain why the inmates were non-combative in the videos.

There won't be any charges because the video is four years old.

"[The district attorney] advised me that, according to the dates, the statue of limitations has run out, and we couldn't file charges," current Mamou Chief of Police Greg Dupuis told KLFY. "One of the people in the video is deceased and hasn't worked for me in over three years. The other hasn't worked for me in over one year."

The Free Thought Project notes that Chief Dupuis is investigating how the videos were released to the public, but didn't explain why the police department never released the videos.

Sources: The Free Thought Project, KLFY / Image Credit: jasonesbain


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