Louisiana Cops Claim Handcuffed Suspect Fatally Shot Himself


Louisiana State Police are investigating a suspicious death after a handcuffed suspect somehow managed to fatally shoot himself while in the back of a patrol car.

Victor White III, 22, was arrested on March 2 after an altercation in Iberia Parish.

When Iberia Parish sheriff’s deputies searched White, they found illegal drugs but no gun, according to State Trooper Stephen Hammons.

White was cuffed with his hands behind his back. He was then put into the back of a squad car and driven to the sheriff’s office for processing.

When the car arrived, White allegedly became uncooperative and refused to get out of the vehicle.

Hammons says White pulled out a handgun and fired once. The bullet struck White in the back. He was later pronounced dead at a local hospital.

Sheriff Louis Ackal asked state police to investigate the incident.

“We’re investigating how he got the gun," Hammons said. "It’s too early in our investigation to comment further.”

President of National Action Now of New Orleans Rev. Raymond Brown says his organization plans to look into White’s death.

“Something is seriously wrong with this picture,” Brown said.

Sources: GlobalGrind, CBS News, Libertarian Repbulican


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