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Louisiana Cop Body Slams Man Who Was Filming Police (Video)

Daniel Clement was thrown to the ground and arrested outside a theater in Baton Rouge, Louisiana, last Monday after midnight.

Clement, who admits to drinking that night, joined a crowd outside the theater. Inside, a woman had passed out. Police arrived at the scene because people were allegedly making threats and blocking paramedics.

Surveillance video (below) from the theater shows Clement wearing a red shirt.

"I saw one police officer push somebody and I've always been told if something like that is going on, it's important to have an objective source of data for what happened," Clement told WAFB.

Clement pulled out his cell phone and started filming.

"[My phone] got ripped from my hands and as I turned to see who ripped it, another officer slammed me into the railing outside," Clement added. "...And they threw me to the ground and started throwing their knees into me."

According to, an unidentified officer noted on his report that Clement "jumped on that officer and began pushing that officer off of his friend."

However, the surveillance video contradicts that claim.

Clement was charged with battery on police, public intoxication, resisting arrest and remaining in the area.

"We're doing a thorough investigation," said Baton Rouge Police spokesman Cpl. L'Jean Mckneely. "The chief is trying to get down to the bottom of it to find out exactly what happened. And after the investigation is completely over, he's going to make a decision and whatever his decision is, and will be, will be done swiftly and effectively."

Clement says that his cell phone, which may contain video footage, has not been returned to him.

Sources: WAFB,
Image Credit: WFAB Screenshot


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