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Louisiana Bar Stamped The N-Word On A Black Woman's Hand (Photo)

Taylor Ward, a freshman at Louisiana State University, joined her friends for a night out on Nov. 17 at Reggie’s bar in Baton Rouge, Louisiana.

When she entered the bar, her hand was stamped with an acronym that read, “REGGIN.” If read backwards, it spells out the N-word.

“The bar stamped our hands at the door, and shortly after I noticed that the stamp spelled n-gger backwards," Ward told CLUTCH. "I immediately showed my friends."

When she brought the stamp’s backward spelling to the attention of a manager, Ward says he was not sympathetic.

“It’s just a stamp,” the manager reportedly said.

“I was really shocked,” Ward said. "What upset me the most is that it was blatantly disrespectful and it was obvious that the design of the stamp was intentional."

Ward, who is black, was not the only person marked with the stamp that night. The mixed crowd were all given the stamp upon entering Reggie’s.

“I just don’t understand why we’re still having to deal [with] racist incidents like this in 2015,” Ward wrote after posting an image of the stamp on Twitter.

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After word got out about Reggie’s racially charged stamp, a manager at the bar, who refused to give his name, explained to LSU Reveille the origins of the stamp.

He said it comes from when people used to say they were going “Reggin” when they went to Reggie’s.

The stamp has been used once a week for 10 years, and any racist connection is unintentional, the manager added.

The manager does not plan to stop using the stamp.

Ward said she will not return to Reggie’s.

Sources: LSU Reveille, Clutch / Photo credit: Clutch

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