Loud Sex Is Too Much For Cancer-Stricken Neighbors


A York, Pennsylvania, woman was charged with disorderly conduct and harassment for ongoing loud sex, along with threats toward her neighbors. 

Tanya Saylor said her family has been having trouble with their next-door neighbor, Amanda Warfel, since they first moved into their home in the Red Lion neighborhood of York two years ago, the York Dispatch reported April 28. 

Warfel's bedroom shares a wall with the room where Saylor's two daughters, 15 and 18, sleep. For the past two years, the 25-year-old woman has kept the two girls awake with loud sex and music.

When the Saylors complained about the noise, Warfel reportedly retaliated by getting louder and making threats and insults against the family, including racial epithets.

"She starts calling my children n—s and monkeys, and offers them bananas," Saylor, whose family is biracial, told the York Dispatch.

Warfel also allegedly harassed Saylor's daughters by describing her sexual acts loudly enough for the girls to hear through the wall, according to USA Today.

"She just makes life a living hell," Saylor told the York Dispatch. "It's got to stop."

Saylor has four children between the ages of 9 and 18. Her husband is terminally ill, and her 18-year-old daughter has been fighting cancer since she was 10 years old. Saylor said that her neighbor's actions have been particularly hard on the cancer-stricken teen, who already has trouble sleeping at night because of the illness. 

"She can't battle cancer in peace," Saylor told the York Dispatch.

Warfel, who lives with her grandmother, was arrested and charged for two specific incidents which occurred in February and March.

She faced charges of disorderly conduct, harassment, and ethnic intimidation for a Feb. 28 incident in which she called Saylor's daughters racial slurs. She was also charged with misdemeanor disorderly conduct for a March 21 incident in which she had sex so loudly that the victims' dresser and bed shook.

Warfel pleaded guilty to the disorderly conduct and harassment charges stemming from the Feb. 28 incident at a preliminary hearing April 26 in exchange for prosecutors dropping the ethnic intimidation charge. She was sentenced to 45 to 90 days in prison for the convictions, with credit for time served.

The hearing for the March 21 disorderly conduct charge has yet to be scheduled.

Warfel has been locked up in the York County Prison since her arrest on March 22, and is set to be released June 20. She was on probation for unrelated crimes in York County and Lancaster County, Pennsylvania, at the time of her arrest. 

Sources: York Dispatch, USA Today / Photo credit: York County Prison/USA Today

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