Loud Sex Interrupts Tennis Match (Video)


A tennis match in Florida had a bizarre interruption from a couple loudly having sex nearby (video below).

During Frances Tiafoe and Mitchell Krueger's April 18 match in the Sarasota Open, the distinct sound of a couple having sex made its way to the court. Those watching the match erupted into laughter as the players began to realize what was going on, the New York Post reports.

"Well, that is the most bizarre situation," said announcer Mike Cation, who first thought that the sounds were coming from a spectator's phone.

"I don't know how to put this, folks, but somebody's phone is going off in the stands ... and it was an adult video," said the announcer.

Cation then realized that the sounds weren't coming from a video.

"Nope, that's not a phone. That is ... that's an apartment across the lake," said Cation. "Well, everyone was looking around to see where that was coming from and finally, figure out, that wasn’t a video."

"At least somebody’s having a good night," the announcer joked.

Tiafoe shouted, "It can't be that good!" as the couple continued.

Cation later tweeted about the humorous incident, writing, "Much love to the couple with the windows open across the way! Sounds like you guys had a good time!"

"Honest to god the most absurd, and hilariously funny thing I've ever seen ... um ... heard," he added.

Cation also tweeted his hope that the story would increase the profile of the players.

"These moments are so big for what we do, and hopefully it increases the exposure for players like [Tiafoe] and [Krueger] and Sarasota Open," he wrote.

Tiafoe, who reportedly rose nearly 1,000 spots in year-end rankings according to his profile on ATP World Tour's website, won the match against Krueger, in straight sets, 6-3 and 6-2. Tiafoe, who lives in Florida, won his first Grand Slam at the 2017 Australian Open.

Users on social media also responded to the story, with one user tweeting, "This was peak commentary."

"This triumphs Djokovic smelling weed on court in Montreal," tweeted another, referring to a 2015 incident in which tennis player Novak Djokovic complained that someone was smoking marijuana in the stands at the Rogers Cup.

"Someone is smoking weed, I can smell it, I'm getting dizzy," Djokovic said, according to Time. Djokovic later said it was not the first time he smelled the drug during the tournament.

"Yesterday in the doubles match, today again. Somebody's really enjoying his life around the tennis court," said the player.

Sources: New York Post, Twitter (2), ATP World Tour, Time / Photo credit: Llee Wu/Flickr

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