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Lottery Winner Allegedly Pays $6 Million To Free Fiance From Jail

A 26-year-old North Carolina woman reportedly used $6 million of her Powerball jackpot winnings to secure the release of her fiance from a local jail.

Lamar McDow was arrested in July after breaching the conditions of his previous bail. But on Aug. 5, he was released after bond of $6 million was posted.

Although the identity of the person who posted bail does not have to be confirmed, WWAY reported that Holmes responded to criticism on its Facebook page, indicating that she made the payment.

“What Y’all need to be worried about is Y’all money and not how I spend mine this is benefitting Y’all how? And no he’s no drug dealer or user but who are Y’all to judge anybody? I will definitely pray for Y’all because it’s much need…they talked about Jesus so I’m not surprised Y’all are talking about me but be blessed though,” a comment from Holmes’s Facebook account read.

In March, Holmes put up $3 million to secure McDow’s release following his arrest last November on drug trafficking charges. But McDow broke the curfew conditions.

He has a previous criminal record, including convictions for assault and drug possession.

It was while McDow was in jail on suspicion of drug trafficking that Holmes scooped the $188 million jackpot, taking home $88 million after taxes.

In a press conference at the time, Holmes vowed to used the funds to pay for her children’s education and care.

“This is all for them,” Holmes said of her victory, according to New York Daily News. “All the struggle I ever went through, it’s all for them. Money doesn’t change it, but money’s going to help me.”

Homes added that she had been forced to leave her jobs at Walmart and McDonald’s so that she could take care of her children, one of whom has cerebral palsy.

She also committed to donating some of her winnings to her local church.

McDow is awaiting a trial date and has to wear a GPS tracking device while out of jail on bond.

Sources: WWAY, New York Daily News/ Photo credit: New York Daily News


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