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Lost For Four Months In The Andes Raul Gomez Cincunegui Survived On Rats And Raisins

Lost in the Andes Mountains since May, a 58-year-old Uruguayan man was found alive by border police in Argentinia’s San Juan province.

Raul Gomez Cincunegui was severely dehydrated and lost nearly 45 pounds. He reportedly survived four months of harsh winter on raisins and sugar. He even hunted rats with a homemade trap, rescuers said.

Cincunegui travelled to Chile from his native Uruguay, but during his return trip his motorcycle broke down. He attempted to make it home on foot, when a snowstorm hit. Turned around, he found shelter and some supplies 9,318 feet above sea level in the valley of Los Patos Sur.

Rescuers reached that shelter via helicopter while performing snowfall observations.

He was airlifted Hospital Rawson in San Juan, Argentina. The governor of the San Juan district, Jose Luis Gioia, met him at the airport and described his survival as a "miracle."

He is expected to be discharged from the hospital within several days.

*Update: Authorities revealed Tuesday that Cincunegui became lost in the Andes while fleeing child sexual abuse charges. He was first accused of abuse on April 22. His relatives reported him missing on May 11. When he missed a July 17 court hearing, a warrant was issued for his arrest.

Sources: Newser, The Australian


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