Lost Cellphone Travels Across The World Before Returning Home


Oklahoma farmer Kevin Whitney was working around a grain pit last fall when he felt something slip out of his pocket: his cell phone.

“I had it in my pocket and I bent over to work on a copper bottom door and it fell out of my pocket into my grain pit and went up the elevator,” Whitney told KFOR. “I thought ‘I’ll never see that phone again.’”

What Whitney didn’t know is that he would see that phone again – but not before it took a trip around the world first.

Whitney’s grain shipment, phone inside and all, left Chickasha, Oklahoma and was sent to the Mississippi river. From there it was shipped down to the Gulf of Mexico and transferred to a larger vessel. That boat headed south, hooked through the Panama Canal, crossed the Pacific Ocean and landed in Japan.

That’s when Whitney got a call.

“The man on the other end said, ‘is this Kevin Whitney?’ I said, 'Yeah, this is Kevin.' He said, ‘did you lose a cell phone?’ I said, 'Yeah, I lost a cell phone last fall.'”

The man on the other end of the line was calling from a grain mill in Japan. Nine months and thousands of miles after Whitney’s phone fell in a grain pit, someone found it. The worker in Japan shipped Whitney’s phone back to the U.S. and it was received this week.

“It’s crazy, I can’t believe it," Whitney said. "What really shocked me about it all was what a small world it is. There a lot of a lot of meaningful pictures on it so we are real glad to get the phone back.”

Here's a map of the phone's travels:

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Sources: KFOR, Business Insider


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