Los Angeles Sheriff's Deputy Shoots at 'Suspicious Pedestrian' But Misses, Then Uses Taser (Video)


A Los Angeles County sheriff’s deputy shot at a “suspicious pedestrian” on Sunday after he claimed the man made a move toward a weapon.

The shooting occurred in the 7300 block of Alondra Boulevard in Paramont around 4:25 p.m. when the deputy attempted to make contact with the man.

The deputy said the man appeared to be under the influence of drugs.

As the deputy further approached the man, it appeared as though the man made a “quick movement” for a weapon, which triggered the deputy to immediately began firing at the man.

The suspect had not been shot by the time a second deputy arrived, but became combative by “kicking and fighting” with the deputies, according to Sheriff’s Department spokeswoman Kim Manatt.

The deputies then used a taser to detain the man.

When the unidentified man was arrested, it was discovered that no immediate weapon had been on his person.

The suspect was immediately taken to the hospital.

Charges against the man are pending.

Sources: LA Times, Newsok


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