Los Angeles Sheriff's Department Hosts Luncheon Featuring Racially Offensive Comedian


What started off as a celebration for the deputies and staff members of the Los Angeles Sheriff’s Department took a raunchy and offensive turn with a stand up comedy routine one attendee said “managed to insult every ethnic stereotype,” according to The Los Angeles Times.

Around 600 to 700 deputies and staff members, many in uniform, attended the Sheriff’s Day Luncheon on Wednesday, which was hosted by the Peace Officers Association of Los Angeles, and witnessed racially, ethnically and sexually explicit stand up comedy from Edwin San Juan.

San Juan calls himself  “The Funniest Filipino comedian w/ [sic] crookEd fingas!” on Twitter, but the aforementioned attendee told The Times his routine elicited more cringing and nervous laughter than anything.

Sheriff Lee Baca presented San Juan with a plaque, which read, “Your ability to combine wisdom, leadership and humor serves as an inspiration to us all."

Baca’s spokesman, Steve Whitmore told The Times the performance “will be reviewed,” and was never intended to offend or insult anyone.

"If anyone was offended, that was not the intent and certainly apologies are extended," said Whitmore. "[The luncheon is] a way for the family of the Sheriff's Department to bond.... Everything is done with humor and there is never any disrespect intended."

However, one official from the Sheriff’s Department was confused as to why a comedian like San Juan was chosen, explaining, "It is perplexing that, as much as we fight racism on the department, the sheriff would embrace and seemed to condone the completely racist monologue.”

Whitmore insisted that San Juan’s views do not represent those of the Sheriff’s Department.

Sources: The Los Angeles Times, Twitter


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