Los Angeles Police Fire More than 90 Rounds at Unarmed Man

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On Thursday, eight Los Angeles police officers fired more than 90 rounds at an unarmed 19-year-old man, Abdul Arian, who led them on a freeway pursuit and called 911 to threaten them with a gun.

The shooting played out on live television after Abdul Arian refused to pull over when police tried to stop him for erratic driving. He led police on a chase onto the 101 Freeway, where he eventually stopped, jumped out of the car and ran.

Arian then turned and appeared to run backwards. Police said he assumed a "shooting stance" and appeared to raise his arms and point a weapon, prompting them to open fire, killing him.

No gun was found at the scene, but police released statements Arian made to a 911 dispatcher:  "I have a gun. I've been arrested before for possession of destructive devices; I'm not afraid of the cops. If they pull their guns, I'm going to have to pull my gun out on them."

The LAPD's investigation division kept the freeway closed all night as they collected evidence and interviews.


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