Los Angeles Police Discover Dead Body In Refrigerator, Pot-Growing Operation (Video)

Los Angeles police made a gruesome discovery on Sept. 13 of a dead body inside of a refrigerator in a Sun Valley home (video below)

While police responded to a report of a possible deceased person inside a Sun Valley home, officers found the body of an unidentified man in his 30s stuffed into a black garbage bag inside the fridge. They believe the corpse had been at the house for several days.

Also in the home, near the garage, was an illegal marijuana growing operation.

Detectives launched a homicide investigation after the discovery and have interviewed at least four people.

Officers used a hand truck to wheel the fridge, with the body still inside, out of the home and into a police vehicle. 

Investigators also removed several plant-growing lamps and large bags that were filled with marijuana.

Sources: KTLA, Fox LA, YouTube / Photo Credit: KTLA


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