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Los Angeles Police Chase Stunt Biker Gang (Video)

A stunt biker gang was recently chased through the streets of Los Angeles by police.

The wild ride was captured on video (below) by one of the motorcyclists who wore a helmet cam. notes that the bikers performed power slides and wheelies, but also drove into oncoming traffic to evade the cops. However, some of the motorcyclists wiped out on the street.

The YouTube page where the video was uploaded on Nov. 20 adds, "Law enforcement use(d) all the resource(s) at (their) disposal to try and stop bikers evading arrest police, even bring(ing) out a helicopter aka ghetto bird to spotlight bikes running from the police patrol cars on the ground."

"A few of the stunt bike riders (were) eventually caught and arrested by police, but most of the stunt bike riders eventually (got) away and (outran) the police by going through a tunnel under the highway to escape all police including helicopter or ghetto bird!"

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