Los Angeles Man Charged With Animal Cruelty For Dragging Puppy Down Street (Video)


A Los Angeles man has been arrested for animal cruelty after someone recorded him dragging a puppy down a street.

Dossey James, 28, is being held on $145,000 bail after a witness, who filmed the incident, called authorities, the Daily Mail reports.

The video shows a bull terrier puppy being dragged along on its stomach by a leash.

James allegedly pulled the puppy down the street when it refused to walk Jan. 3, the Los Angeles Police Department said in a statement.

“Witnesses reported that despite the puppy being injured and having a blood trail on the sidewalk, James continued to inflict trauma on the puppy,” the statement read.

James, who faces two charges of animal cruelty, was arrested and the puppy was handed over to the Animal Cruelty Task Force.

The wounded dog required surgery to treat several lacerations on its legs and stomach, but is expected to make a full recovery, KTLA reports.

James was ordered held in lieu of $145,000 bail on Jan. 7 due to other animal cruelty allegations made against him. His hearing is set for Jan. 22.

This is one of numerous cases in which the public sent in video evidence using smartphones and iPads to record.

“This valuable evidence has contributed greatly to the identification of suspects and criminal charges of animal cruelty being filed,” a police spokesman said.

“Witnesses come to the realization that anyone that would commit such horrific acts of violence on defenseless animals could also do the same to humans,” according to LAPD.


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