Los Angeles Dog Shot Protecting Her Family Goes Home


One very brave dog named Charlie was recently shot and seriously wounded while facing down armed intruders entering her family’s Los Angeles home.

"If Charlie had not taken the bullet, it would have hit one of my children," one of her owners said.

Charlie's family could not afford to pay $3,000 for the necessary medical care she needed. They were forced to surrender her to the police officers, who took her to the Los Angeles Animal Services’ North Central Care Shelter.

The shelter staff told KABC-TV that Charlie and two of her canine siblings chased the intruders into the street. One suspect had a gun and fired four shots at the dogs as he ran off, hitting Charlie in her front and back right legs.

There were actually two heroes that night, according to the report. One of Charlie's siblings tried to push her back home after she was shot.

The North Central Shelter Intervention Program, a program which helps owners find resources for their pets, quickly organized a Crowdfunding campaign, according to Chris Hall at www.dogster.com

The campaign also got a big boost from the Bill Foundation, a dog rescue organization, which posted on its own site about Charlie's situation, telling its supporters, "With surgery costing over $3000, it's more than the Intervention Program has available. But imagine if each of us just donated $1…Then, Charlie could receive surgery and this little hero could be reunited and live happily ever after.”

People listened, cared and helped. The campaign reportedly raised over $8,000, double its original $4,000 goal.

Charlie did have her surgery. Unfortunately, it was necessary to amputate her right front legs. She's now doing well at home with the family she loves and to whom she will always be a hero.

It is not too late to donate if anyone wishes to help Charlie and her family. Organizers pledge that any funds raised exceeding the cost of Charlie's medical care will go to the North Central Shelter Intervention Program to help future animals in need.

Sources: ABC, Dogster, HuffPo


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