Los Angeles Dentist Arrested For Allegedly Kissing Two Underage Patients

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A California dentist is under heavy scrutiny after evidence surfaced that he reportedly molested two underage patients.

Police arrested Dr. Mohammed Kader, 51, from his Compton-based family dentist office on Thursday, May 7, Sgt. Al Fraijo of the Los Angeles County Sheriff's Special Victims Bureau said.

A bond was set for $120,000. He paid it on Friday, May 8, and is scheduled for a court appearance on Monday, May 11.

According to FOX, the two girls — 12 and 17 — reported to their parents that Kader had kissed them on the lips while they were seated in the exam chair. They also claimed that he was alone in the room with them.

The parents later contacted law enforcement officials about the situation.

He had been working at Compton Family Dentistry when the situation occurred.

Police have booked Kader on suspicion of committing lewd acts with a minor and molesting a minor, according to Fraijo. Officials are looking into whether Kader has assaulted other victims.

He was scheduled to appear in court at the Compton Court House last Monday.

Kader had worked at Western Dental and Brighten Dental offices in San Bernardino County from 2009 to 2013, according to ABC. At the time of his arrest, he had been practicing dentistry for 28 years.

Investigators urge anyone with information or leads to other victims to contact the Los Angeles Sheriff’s Department Special Victims Bureau at 877-710-5273.


Photo Credit: FOX


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