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Los Angeles County Sheriff's Deputies Shown Beating Man (Video)

Los Angeles County Sheriff’s deputies were filmed by a witness beating a man who was face-down on the ground in East Los Angeles on Aug. 9 (video below).

On the bystander's video, Marvin Herrera appears to be hit with fists and a flashlight, or baton, by the deputies, reported KABC on Aug. 12.

The Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department claimed two deputies responded to a call of an unidentified woman hiding inside a restaurant bathroom from her ex-boyfriend (Herrera) who may have had a knife, notes the Los Angeles Times.

Some witnesses claim Herrera was not armed, reported KABC.

Herrera allegedly pulled away from the two deputies when they tried to search him and struck both of them, the sheriff’s department said.

When a third deputy came to the scene, Herrera was reportedly taken down to the ground.

The Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department said pepper spray was used in an effort to control Herrera, but failed, so one deputy resorted to hitting Herrera with his flashlight.

On the video, the deputy using the flashlight appears to suddenly stop beating Herrera when he notices he is being filmed.

Herrera was charged with assault on a peace officer, battery on a peace officer and resisting a police officer, but has pleaded not guilty.

Los Angeles County Sheriff's Department spokeswoman Nicole Nishida said the department is conducting a use-of-force investigation, which it does whenever force is used in a situation.

Sources: Los Angeles Times, KABC / Photo credit: Screenshot via YouTube


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