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Los Angeles County Preschool Teacher Removed From Class For Playing "Tongue-Touching" Game With Student

A Los Angeles County preschool teacher was banned from her classroom for allegedly touching tongues with one of her students during a game.

Parents at the Broadoaks Children’s School of Whittier College were alerted to the incident last week, though the tongue touching allegedly occurred in February, according to CBS News.

A private investigation into the issue stopped the school’s director, Dr. Judith Wagner, from telling anyone about the incident in past months, causing some negative reactions from parents concerned for their children’s safety.

“That the investigation was to be thorough and that our obligation was to be confidential throughout, we lived up to that,” Wagner said.

The California Department of Social Services found that the tongue touching occurred and the rights of the young student were violated.

The teacher is no longer allowed on facilities licensed by the California Department of Social Services.

“Continued or future contact with clients or presence in any facility licensed by (California Department of Social Services) constitutes a threat to the health and safety of the clients in care,” a statement by the California Department of Social Services.

Sources: The Blaze, CBS News


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