Los Angeles Cop Accused of Beating, Kicking Restrained Man (Video)


A Los Angeles police officer is accused of kicking and beating Clinton Alford who was reportedly held down by three other LAPD cops.

The alleged beating was recorded on a company's surveillance camera on Oct. 16, noted KTLA (video below).

Witnesses claimed the cop kicked Alford's head like “a football player kicking a field goal” in the “horrific” beating.

“I was just praying that they wouldn’t kill me," Alford told the The Los Angeles Times. "I just closed my eyes and tried to hold on."

“This investigation is ongoing, and there is still much that needs to be done to determine the facts of this matter, but let me be very clear, any officer that is found to abuse the public is not welcome in this department, and we will apply whatever legal or administrative means necessary to insure the community’s trust without exception,” Los Angeles Police Chief Charlie Beck said in a statement.

Alford claims he was riding his bicycle on a sidewalk when two plain clothes officers yelled at him to stop. Alford claims the men didn't identify themselves so he stayed on his bike.

After one of the men grabbed the back of his bike, Alford says he ran. After a short foot pursuit, Alford voluntarily laid down and put his hands behind his back, according to several unidentified people who watched the surveillance video.

The Los Angeles Times identified Officer Richard Garcia as the cop who allegedly assaulted Alford. Other police officers reportedly present were Julio Cortez, Joshua Tornek and Ruben Rosas. However, the LAPD has not confirmed that any of these officers were involved.

Officer Garcia allegedly pounded the back of Alford's head with elbow blows, drove his knee into Alford’s back, rocked his body weight on Alford's spine and put his knee on Alford's throat, according to witnesses who watched the video, notes The Los Angeles Times.

After the alleged assault, Alford’s body was motionless and had to be carried by police officers to a patrol car.

Alford was arrested on suspicion of drug possession and resisting arrest, but his lawyer Caree Harper claims he is not guilty.

Harper released pictures of Alford's body, which included Taser burns and stitches to his head.

"When you have a man face-down, rendered seized, you do not get to kick them repeatedly and you do not get to try and cover it up," Harper told KABC.

"He was face-down and very compliant, even though he did not know, still, who was beating him up and kicking him to the face," added Harper.

Sources: KABC, KTLA, The Los Angeles Times


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