Lori Massingill Faces Jail Time For Not Fastening New Born Twins’ Seat Belts In Fatal Car Crash


Following the tragic loss of her newborn twins, one mother could face jail time because she didn’t secure them in her car well enough.

Lori Massingill of Ida, Mich. has been indicted on two charges of aggravated vehicular homicide and one count of child endangering after driving with her twin babies on an Ohio highway and losing control of the car Nov. 12. One baby died at the scene, and the other died at the hospital.

Massingill was driving recklessly when she hit some train tracks, according to Ohio Highway Patrol.

Dispatcher Brian Gettinger of the Bowling Green Post said the car went airborne after hitting the train tracks. The 2006 Chevrolet Cobalt rolled twice until coming to a stop on its hood.

Investigators say the 6-weeks-old infants, Presley, girl, and her brother Parker Massingill, were in car seats that were too big for them and therefore not strapped in properly.

Massingill’s charge of child endangerment comes from “her behavior with the children prior to the accident,” Gwen Howe-Gebers, chief assistant Wood County prosecutor, said.

When asked about speed and other factors in the accident, Howe-Gerbers said, “It’s still very early in the investigation.”

Massingill was taken to the hospital for injuries and released last week. She is set to make her first court appearance next Wednesday.

The Center for Disease Control and Prevention found that in one year, more than 618,000 children ages 0 to 12 rode in vehicles without a child safety seat or seat belt, while 1,200 died as passengers and 171,000 were injured.

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