Lords South Beach Hotel: America's First Gay Hotel


It was only a matter of time -- the United States now has its first hotel that caters to a gay clientele.

Billing itself as "an appropriately oriented hotel," Lord's South Beach Hotel is located in that trendy Florida vacation spot. Its website says:

Lords South Beach Hotel, Miami Beach is more than a hotel; it’s a quantum leap in gay travel. A home away from home, just a lot more fun, posh, friendly, sexy, easy, satisfying, and gratifying. Not to mention, located in the most dynamic beach destination. An exciting new hotel appropriately oriented for your special South Beach moments.

The hotel is open for everyone, but after research found that 75% of gays would prefer to stay in a gay-oriented hotel, owner Brian Gorman went to work.

"From there, we did a lot in creating a brand that would - yes, focus on that demographic - but it's really about making anyone feel comfortable," he told Gawker.

The design is, well, quite gay -- bright colors, a glittery bar, and a portrait of gay icon Elizabeth Taylor among the highlights.

"It was supposed to be something spirited, happy, playful, but definitely well designed that a discerning gay audience would appreciate, and something different than what they've seen before," designer Dan Mazzarini said.

The Daily Mail reports that this is just the first hotel in a planned chain, with braches opening up in New York, Los Angeles, Las Vegas, "and of course, San Francisco," the newspaper said.

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