Looting Reported After Texas Fertilizer Plant Explosion


Reports of looting in the area around the deadly fertilizer plant explosion in West, Texas, have been confirmed by authorities. Law enforcement officials made the confirmation at a press conference on Thursday morning, which was held to give concerned citizens the latest information about the blast.

The Waco Police Department is only releasing limited information about the incident at this time. The names of people who died in the blast, or who are being counted as missing, have not been released as of yet.

Officials did confirm that between five to 15 people are confirmed dead and that some firefighters who responded to the scene are among the missing. Authorities reiterated that they are focused on search and rescue rather than search and recovery.

Boston EMS workers shared this message on Twitter: “Our thoughts are with emergency responders and medical staff working the West, TX disaster.”

About 300 to 400 officials are working at the site trying to determine the cause of the explosion and looking for survivors, The Inquisitr reported. According to Waco police, the area is “secure.”

Waco police Sgt. W. Patrick Swanton said reports of "a small amount of looting" are disturbing. He pledged that law enforcement will take the necessary steps to ensure that community members and their property receive adequate protection.

It is possible that certain areas around the West Fertilizer Co. may be shut down to prevent further looting.

Sources: The Inquisitr, NBC


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