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Looters Repeatedly Ransacked Dead Woman's Home

Looters in Stockton, California have continued to ransack the home of a deceased 94-year-old woman, according to police.

The woman lived alone in a quiet part of the neighborhood, with many of her relatives out of state. Because of this, the looters were the first to know of her death.

When a report of a broken door was made, police investigated the home, and described the inside as barbaric. Though the woman’s body was undisturbed, her entire home had been torn apart.

Detectives say the looters either didn’t notice the woman’s body, or didn’t care.

“People are really that messed up that they would just leave a dead lady there and just loot her house,” Mike Heckerman, a neighbor, said. “What kind of people would actually do that?”

Police noted that looters had returned several times to the house leading up to Christmas Eve.

“People around here just don’t have any kind of heart,” Megan Nessen, a neighbor, said.

Police are still waiting on an official autopsy report for the cause of death, that it is believed she died of natural causes.

Sources: CBS, KMJ Now


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