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Woman Selling Used Breast Implants On eBay (Photo)

A woman has listed her used breast implants for sale on eBay after they were inside her body for 11 months.

According to the Daily Mail, a woman known only as "Katt" listed her used breast implants for sale on her eBay page. The implants are "sterilized so are clean," as described in the listing, and are being sold for roughly $250.

Katt's listing on eBay says that the implants are the "most up to date available," adding that the implants were the "wrong size" for her, but that she has already replaced them with a more suitably-sized pair.

According to the Daily Star, Katt is from Rowley Regis, West Midlands. The listing for her breast implants has received eight inquiries from interested viewers so far.

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Cosmetic surgery experts have warned against using second-hand breast implants, however.

"We urge any member of the public considering purchasing second hand breast implants to think twice -- they are certainly not sterile as the seller alleges far from it -- once removed from the body, used breast implants should be disposed of -- not cleaned up and resold," an expert said.

Antonia Mariconda, who founded The Safety in Beauty campaign told the Daily Mail, "It's unthinkable. What surgeon thought it was a good idea to give this woman her implants back?"

She continued, "Touching any kind of medical device makes it instantly contaminated -- only sterile sealed new implants direct from manufacturer to surgeon and only opened for surgeon to surgically implant should be used -- not second hand knock-offs. No surgeon worth his career would ever consider re implanting second hand implants."

Mariconda told the Daily Star, "The alarming thing is this seller talks about them being 'sterilized.' But that just won't be the case. They're only taken out of the packet by the surgeon the second before they go into your body. But this woman is photographed holding the implants. How can anything be sterile if you're holding it?"

Plastic surgeon Norman Waterhouse told the Daily Star that buying used breast implants from the internet is "an unthinkable prospect," adding that "no reputable surgeon on the planet" would consider inserting used implants. 

"The health risks are endless," he said.

"Used breast implants explanted from one person are classed as clinical waste and should be disposed of via official and regulated medical waste disposal facility."

Sources: Daily MailDaily Star / Photo credit: Daily Mail

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