Man Hides Drugs In Puzzle Box


Officials arrested a man in California on Feb. 24 after discovering he hid more than 1,000 Ecstasy pills inside of a puzzle box.

Sung Hee Jeong, 21, was arrested for allegedly hiding 1,015 Ecstasy pills inside of a jigsaw puzzle sent from the Netherlands featuring cake pops, The Los Angeles Times reported.

Police explain it was not difficult for postal investigators to find the drugs.

“Typically we [see] a lot more effort to disguise it,” said Riverside police Lt. Christian Dinco, reported Los Angeles Times. “We’ve seen so many different things —  bottles, vases, lamps, gas tanks.”

After investigating the home the puzzle was delivered to, police found more Ecstasy as well as 90 Xanax pills. Altogether, the drugs discovered are valued at $23,250.

It is believed the man intended to sell the drugs to college students at nearby University of California, Riverside.

This is just one of many unusual places people have attempted to hide drugs in.

Complex Magazine reported locations ranging from teddy bears to corpses.

In June 2009, drug gangs in Mexico City, Mexico, tried to hide cocaine slabs sent to the U.S. in the frozen corpses of sharks.

Indeed, even religious statues have been used to hide drugs.

In May 2008, U.S. customs officials seized a statue of Jesus Christ made of unusual material — plaster and cocaine.

“[It] gives a whole new meaning to the 'most high,'" Complex Magazine joked.

A more recent unusual find by police took place in New York, where five people were arrested after trying to smuggle drugs inside children’s toys, according to

“This investigation began in nightclubs across New York City and ultimately led to the arrest of a major narcotics supplier, who obtained multiple shipments of cocaine from Puerto Rico via the U.S. mail," Special Narcotics Prosecutor Bridget G. Brennan said in an August 2015 press release.

“Kilos of cocaine were disguised as children’s birthday gifts, and shipped alongside innocent looking Olaf dolls and other toys, in a failed attempt to conceal the sinister contents,” she added.

Sources: The Los Angeles Times, Complex MagazineNYPD Press Release / Photo credit: Riverside Police Department's Facebook

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