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U.K. Woman Shares Photo Of Massive Crocodile

A Facebook post from a U.K. mother showing a massive crocodile has the internet talking.

The photo was posted to Facebook on June 17 with a warning that fishers should avoid waist-deep waters, but users on social media are trying to figure out where the photo came from, the Daily Mail reports.

The shocking photo shows three men standing on each other's shoulders to show how absolutely huge the crocodile really is. The crocodile, which is hanging from a tree in the photo, is taller than the three men combined.

Facebook user Lynsey Clayton Saudan posted the photo but offered no information regarding where it was taken. Now, the internet is desperately trying to figure that out.

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Some believe the photo may have come from Zimbabwe, as Saudan wrote on her Facebook profile that she is originally from Zimbabwe but currently lives in Southampton, U.K. The self-described full-time mom identified the crocodile as a "proper flat dog," which is Zimbabwean slang for crocodile, according to the Daily Mail.

Some believe the photo was taken in the Northern Territory or Far North Queensland in Australia, however, based on the photo's scenery.

The origin of the photo has yet to be confirmed, so the internet's guessing game will likely continue for now.

Sources: Yahoo7 NewsDaily Mail / Photo Credit: Facebook via Yahoo7 News

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