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PETA Erects Billboard Near TX Sea World: Free Tilly the Orca

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Forget the Alamo; There's something else for Texans to remember—the imprisonment of Tilly the orca:

Today, PETA's billboard went up near SeaWorld San Antonio to remind Texans not to mess with marine mammals. Our plea to free Tilly and other captive wild animals comes on the heels of last week's congressional hearing about marine abusement parks, to which PETA submitted testimony urging a ban on the confinement of orcas and other wild animals at SeaWorld and other profiteering prison-parks.

So what can you do? Remind everyone to steer clear of marine animal exhibits. And if you're looking for an animal-friendly place to visit this summer, I hear the Alamo is an interesting place to go.

Posted by Amy Skylark Elizabeth


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