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Look Closely At This Photo Of Mike Tyson From 1995 (Photo)

Hidden in a video (below) of a 1995 Mike Tyson fight appeared to be a smartphone, which was allegedly recording the fight.

The clip shows a spectator standing in the front row of the audience while Tyson fights, using a camera that looks like a smartphone to record the event. Conspiracy theorists believe it was a time traveler who took the video on the phone, while skeptics believe it might be an early digital camera.

“I dunno if it's a time traveller or not, but no one can explain what camera it is; a QV-100 doesn't have a silver bit on the right, and this camera doesn't seem to have a black line under the lens,”JammyBantam, a YouTuber who first released the video on Sept. 18, 2015, wrote in the description.

Scott Waring of UFO Sightings Daily said he also believes the camera was a smartphone, according to the Daily Mail.

“What we have here is a time traveler coming back to watch their favorite fighter and sitting in the front row seats,” Waring wrote. “Why wouldn’t a time traveler want to see Mike Tyson fight?”

Many comments on the YouTube video pointed out that there were cameras slim enough to look similar to a smartphone available at the time.

“I did some research and there were some very sophisticated camcorders for their time period that look somewhat like this,” YouTuber AllThingsCreepy wrote. “‘I think this could be a possible explanation and if so this is not a time traveler but this is just someone with a relatively new camera.” 

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Various other claims of time travel have recently surfaced, including one from early 2016 ;in which a conspiracy theorist claimed to have seen a woman holding a laptop in an ancient Greek sculpture from 100 BC, according to the Daily Mail.

Another theory claiming a 1,500-year-old Mummy found in the Altai Mountains was wearing Adidas boots caused a stir on the Internet.


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