Longtime Bronx Resident Brutally Beat By Neighborhood Men (Video)


Bronx resident William King has lived in his current neighborhood for 40 years. The area has undergone hundreds of changes since he moved in, but throughout them all he’s felt safe – until now, that is.

King, 67, was brutally beaten by a young man over the weekend while an accomplice stood watch. During the assault, which was caught on camera, an attacker is seen knocking King to the ground and punching him relentlessly.

"I got a cut above over my eyelid, and the side of my face is numb - I can't open my mouth that well and I had a lump the size of a baseball on the side of my head," he told ABC New York.

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King says the men didn’t want to rob him – they never even reached for his wallet. Here's footage of the attack:

"I believe it was a racial attack - they weren't trying to rob me, I had money on me and my wallet and all. They weren't trying to rob me,” he says.

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King is having a hard time respecting the humanity of his attackers.

“They're animals. They’re not human – they’re not human at all,” he says.

The men seen on footage have not been identified or caught by the police.

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Sources: ABC New York, The Global Dispatch / Photo Credit: Screenshot


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