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Long Island Woman Deborah Stevens Fired After Donating Kidney to Boss

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Long Island woman, Deborah Stevens, was reportedly fired after donating her kidney to her boss and has now filed a lawsuit for discrimination.

While the kidney was not a match, Stevens’ boss was able to move up on the donation list and receive a replacement sooner.

In the lawsuit that Stevens filed with the U.S. District Court in Central Islip on Tuesday, she claimed that her boss originally asked Stevens to donate her kidney.

Stevens filed the suit alleging that her former boss, Jacqueline Brucia, violated the Americans with Disabilities Act. She seeks lost pay and unspecified monetary damages.

Stevens, 48, claimed she suffered post-operative complications and that the Atlantic Automotive Group refused to accommodate her. Her requests not to carry paperwork more than 10 pounds and clearance to use the bathroom were both denied.

“Whereas Brucia was complimentary toward Stevens prior to the surgery,” the suit read. “Following the 2011 surgery she became hostile, curt, dismissive and unnecessarily critical of her work performance.”

Atlantic Automotive Group’s defense attorney, John Kelly, said the company denied all of Stevens’ claims and argued that she used her good deed as a lifetime free pass at work.

Sources: NY Daily News, Newsday


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