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Long Island Teenager Dies In Freak Snow Tubing Accident

A 17-year-old boy was killed in a freak accident while snow tubing down a hill in Long Island, New York.

Sean Urda was having fun in the snow with two of his friends on Jan. 26. They were snow tubing down a small hill in Chester Court in Huntington, New York when something tragic happened.

According to Daily Mail, Urda lost control of the inner tube and crashed into a light pole. Authorities were called to the scene and rushed Urda to a local hospital but the teenager was later pronounced dead, Newsday reported.

Urda’s death is the only fatality reported so far during the snowstorm that has caused most of the northeastern U.S. to shut down. The storm originally was thought to have potential to create hurricane-force winds and generate anywhere between 1 and 3 feet of snow.

Thousands of flights in and out of the northeastern states were canceled since the official blizzard warning was issued by the National Weather Service. Businesses, government offices and schools have closed.

Local authorities shut down highways and streets all throughout New York City and Long Island in preparation for the storm. Violators of these restrictions would be fined up to $300.

Sources: Newsday, Daily Mail / Photo Credit: Instagram via Daily Mail


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